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Patriotic Pretzels

Show off your patriotism and sweet tooth with these easy to make patriotic pretzels.  You will need pretzel rods, candy wafers and M&Ms (red and blue picked out).

Start with 2 bowls. Continue reading…

Water Bucket of Fun

We have to be creative since we currently do not have a yard to play in.  It’s amazing how much fun you can have with just a bucket of water. I even joined in on the fun and dunked my entire head. It felt soooo good out in the heat.

  • Bob for apples or other items
  • Use it to fill up water guns
  • How high can you splash?
  • Head dunking
  • Just stand in it
  • Or sit in it

Whatever you choose to do with it, you’re kids will have fun!


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At first, things were slow, but now, only after a few months, I am earning points SO quickly! I’m doing this mainly through web-shares and missions. These missions are SO easy too. A lot of them include uploading a picture of something and then commenting.

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Homemade Apple Chips

Instead of spending SO much money on a bag of these in the grocery store and since I devour a whole bag in one sitting, I decided to try to make my own. Most recipes I found called for sugar but I figured there is enough sweetness in the apple so I only added cinnamon. They turned out GREAT. Even my 6 and 2 year old are eating them….skins included!

Here is what I did: Continue reading…