Witty Wednesday-Can it rain frogs, fish and other objects?

No but in a sense, it can. Now it can’t actually rain frogs and fish. They don’t evaporate into the air and reform in the clouds. However, strong winds found in hurricanes or tornadoes are powerful enough to lift them up into the air and drop or “rain” them down elsewhere.

Decorah Bald Eagles

Remember the nest we took at look at a few weeks ago? Well, there are 3 eggs in it that are about to hatch. They should hatch this week (week of 3/25/12)! Once the first pip begins, it takes 24-48 hours for the full hatch. A pip is the first hole from inside the egg.

**Update 3/31/12** All three eggs have now hatched! It is quite fun to watch them get stronger each day. Watching the feedings is also amazing!

Check out the live webcam HERE! Continue reading…

Stampin’ Teacher

My name is Wynne Grob and one of my favorite hobbies is making cards.  Please head on over to my blog here to see some examples of my cards.

I love to make all sorts of different kinds of cards including Just Because, Baby, Birthday and Congratulations. I work with rubber stamps, stickers, markers, and scrap booking paper just to name a few. I also have recently started making Continue reading…