Back to School Fashion

Here comes the biggest deal of the year….what to wear on the first day of school.

O-M-G……..are you all dreading it as much as I am?

What’s in? What’s not?

We recently went back to school shopping. Afterwards, I checked things out online to see what the fashion currently is. I am happy to report that we bought a good deal of clothes that were “totally hip dude.” (I’m also glad to see that I still have some fashion sense.) Here is a picture of the highlights of our trip for our oldest:

Graphic t’s, cropped shirts, lace and the cardigan. We always need that cardigan. It allows her to wear short sleeved shirts that are still hip, throughout the winter.

Of course yesterday, I realized she needed shoes. I saw these and couldn’t help myself. I’m a sucker for knee high shoes. Luckily, they were on clearance AND I was about to go grocery shopping with my coupons and SAVE that exact amount. It was destiny. (By the way, I’m jealous.) These do, however, meet my criteria which is: The shoes have to be versatile. She can wear them with shorts, jeans and skirts and they don’t necessarily have to match. I will allow her to buy one more pair of shoes but those have to be nice, brown ones.

So was is “in” this year? I’ll tell you. After seeing what is in stores and checking out some fashion magazines, here is what I have found:

  • Colored jeans
  • Knee high boots/sneakers
  • Ballet Flats
  • Graphic t-shirts (including cropped T’s that need to have a shirt underneath it)
  • Animal print
  • Jackets (biker/cargo)
  • Cargo pants
  • Don’t forget the all important “coolest backpack ever”

Good luck and I hope your kids all have a great school year!

Witty Wednesday-Olympic Facts

The Official Olympic Flag: It was created by Pierre de Coubertin in 1914 and first flown during the 1920 Olympic Games. It contains five interconnected rings on a white background. Each ring symbolizes one of the significant continents. They are interconnected to symbolize the friendship to be gained from these international competitions. The rings, from left to right, are blue, yellow, black, green, and red. The colors were chosen because at least one of them appeared on the flag of every country in the world.

The Olympic Motto: In 1921, Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the modern Olympic Games, borrowed a Latin phrase from his friend, Father Henri Didon, for the Olympic motto: Citius, Altius, FortiusĀ  which stands for “Swifter, Higher, Stronger.”

The Olympic Flame: The Olympic flame is a practice continued from the ancient Olympic Games. In Olympia (Greece), a flame was ignited by the sun and then kept burning until the closing of the Olympic Games. The flame first appeared in the modern Olympics at the 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam. In 1936, the chairman of the organizing committee for the 1936 Olympic Games, Carl Diem, suggested what is now the modern Olympic Torch relay. The Olympic flame is lit at the ancient site of Olympia by women wearing ancient-style robes and using a curved mirror and the sun. The Olympic Torch is then Continue reading…