Last day of school for my students!

Today is a day that will always be held near to my heart……THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! Although I am jumping up and down in my seat, I still feel that crushing blow of realization that I will not see these kids again until September. As a cyber teacher who “sees” the same students every day for an entire school year, even when I take a personal day, that lapse makes it seem like I haven’t seen them in ages. Yet, we are confronting WEEKS off of school.

As relieved as I am to have a break, I’m also saddened by the upcoming weeks. I look forward to a summer of fun and rejuvenation both for me and for my students. As a last gesture of the great school year we had, I sent them all the treat pictured below.

I congratulate my students on a great year and great progress and look forward to next school year….after a great Summer vacation of course. *wink wink

Happy Summer Vacation!

Witty Wednesday- Tipster Style

I have recently gotten together with a great group of bloggers to bring you different tips, recipes and other little things that we can come up with daily. Summertime generally  slows down for everyone in the computer world because we are spending more time outside, kids are outta school, BBQ’s, etc., so this is our way of bringing something different and fun when things slow down.

Today’s topic is Witty Wednesday. Yes, I know I already have Witty Wednesday posts but we thought it would be fun to include other blogger’s ideas today. Here are a few fun facts you can share with your kids when they ask you these common questions.

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Out of hamburger buns?

I desperately wanted cheeseburgers for dinner tonight but did not have a single hamburger bun in the house. I don’t like using bread because the ketchup seeps through. I did, however, have a TON of hot dog rolls. So, why not change the conventional way of thinking and instead of round cheeseburgers, make them long like hotdogs?

I prepared the burger just as usual and rolled them into hot dog shapes and slapped them on the grill. One thing to note is that you might want to put some aluminum foil on the grill because the shape of the burgers cause it to fall apart easier.

It also seemed that they kids ate more tonight. Usually they have 1/4 to 1/2 of the burger left but tonight, they all finished it off!

They requested these again so I think these cheese-bur-dogs (my husband’s clever name for it) were a hit.