Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Thumbprint Sign

20160116_193701 logoValentine’s Day and crafts are always on our minds this time of year with my children. As I was cleaning off our workbench, I saw a slab of wood that was leftover from a previous project. I quickly drilled a hole in the top of it and brought it inside for my children to paint. My youngest wanted to help with this project so this became his craft. The wood goes with our decor and it looks great for the upcoming holiday. Follow the step by step instructions HERE to see how we made this sign. Pictures for each steps are also included. Remember to have fun and enjoy the time you spend with your child when making this together.

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Turn boring napkins into a fun sight for your child’s Valentine’s Day party

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I volunteered to send in the napkins for my daughter’s Valentine’s Day party at school. I seem to always volunteer for napkins. Maybe because it’s easy. Maybe because it doesn’t cost much. Maybe because it doesn’t take too much time to make. Mostly, I think, it’s because I want the challenge to see how I can make it more fun than sending in a pack of napkins. This is the 4th time I volunteered for napkins and I was almost at a loss of what to do. Then, just 10 seconds into the dollar store, my eyes focused on the pipe cleaners.

Go to the full article HERE to see the slide show to see what I did and how I did it. You can turn your child’s napkins into a fun sight for their party too!

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Salt dough thumbprint hearts

CaptureYour little sweetheart can design and paint their own thumbprint heart. All you need are some supplies from around your kitchen and house and you are all set. It’s a fun craft that your little one will love because it is all their own design. Go to the full article HERE for pictures and complete ingredients and instructions.

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Valentine’s Day Clothespin Heart Wreath

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Isn’t this wreath just too cool? I absolutely love that my 3 kids made this. It is such a quick and easy (and quiet) craft for them to make. You may already have all the materials in your home and if you don’t, you won’t need much. It is a very cheap craft. Click on the link HERE to read the entire article about how to make this wreath. Pictures and step by step instructions are included.

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