Cool Ideas

Make choosing chores fun for the kids

Do your kids fight over who gets to have a certain chore? Would you like a fun way to mix it up? Do you want less arguing and a more concrete way of deciding?

Make this fun Chore Bag and your kids will be excited to start their chosen chores for the week.

Summer Activities Box (200+ ideas for Summer)

Worried about what you are going to do with the kids this summer?

Here is a giant list of over 200 ideas! It includes activities for rainy days as well as hot, sunny days. Discover senses and sensory play with some of these activities too.

You can make this Summer Activities Box (instructions) and your child can choose from one of the categories: Outside Play, Inside Play, Food or Places To Go.

Here are the lists with over 200 ideas and room to add your own. Links to instructions for some of them are included in the documents. Continue reading…

Water Bucket of Fun

We have to be creative since we currently do not have a yard to play in.  It’s amazing how much fun you can have with just a bucket of water. I even joined in on the fun and dunked my entire head. It felt soooo good out in the heat.

  • Bob for apples or other items
  • Use it to fill up water guns
  • How high can you splash?
  • Head dunking
  • Just stand in it
  • Or sit in it

Whatever you choose to do with it, you’re kids will have fun!


Remember the time…

Time is so precious these days. We are always on the go, on the internet and trying to do our best for our children. Precious moments happen at such unexpected times, but do we remember all of them? Do our children remember all of them, especially when they are young? My answers are “no” and “no.”  Continue reading…

Springtime Nest and Eggs Treat

We ran into a last minute scurry to figure out what to send in for my daughter’s Spring Party. We made these treats in record time. I even turned it into a learning experience by making my daughters put the candies into groups of 7.  It was good math practice. See how we made these cute treats here.