Cool Ideas

Homemade I Spy Game

Make your own I Spy game with your children with a few items from around your house. See how to do it here and ensure it doesn’t “accidentally” open.

Shopping Bag Duct Tape Tote

We made a tote bag out of duct tape and old shopping bags! You need 1 roll of duct tape, scissors, an iron, parchment paper and 10-20 plastic shopping bags. We decided on the K-Mart bags since that has become our “go-to” store since we moved.

Begin by cutting the bottom seam off of each plastic bag. Continue reading…

From PJ’s to Pretty

The girls absolutely adored these. I was thinking that I wanted to do something with some old PJs and decided to cut them up and see what would happen if I tried to make a bracelet or necklace. Even though my sewing skills are nothing to get excited about, my girls loved how these came out. Continue reading…

Kid’s Homemade Playhouse


It’s amazing what kids can do on their own! They took some cardboard, crayons and their imagination and turned it into an all day adventure. I cut out some windows for them and let them create their own playhouse. One side became the inside with a bed, dresser and accessories and the other side was the outside decor with flowers! They even added some clothes to their closet for a more personal touch. They created it and then played with it and are still at it (it’s almost bedtime right now). Amazing! Let your kids do the same!

Picture Soap

This makes me laugh every time I wash my hands! Go to my article here to see how to do this with your child.

Pop-It Calendar

I just think this is too cool! It’s a great way for your child to get some tactile experience and release. Go to my article here to see how to do this with your child.

Makeover Time

Take a boring night at home and make it fun for the kids and let them give you a makeover to include a new hair-do and make-up.  It’s quick, easy and fun. The only hard part is the patience you’ll need while they are smearing make-up all over you!

Backwards Day

Backwards day is a fun way to change around your normal routine.  We started off our day by putting on our pajamas, watching a movie and eating popcorn. At lunchtime, we ate PB&J on hot dog rolls while sitting under the dining room table. For dinner, we had donuts and french toast casserole. At night, we watched our recorded morning cartoons! At bedtime, we put on our regular clothing. Too funny! Have fun with this and no matter what you do, just make sure it’s a little backwards!

Old to New

Do you have old furniture in storage? Spruce it up with some paint or spray paint to make it like new. My daughters and I sanded down an old desk, prepped it with a multipurpose primer and used spraypaint and old paint to match this desk to their room. They even added some cute decals.