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Do you find it hard to part with all of the wonderful artwork your child creates? I certainly do and I have 3 children who are all creating their own masterpieces. I receive an average of 3 masterpieces a day with just one of my children. I have some ideas I would like to share with you. They are all realistic so don’t think you can’t do it. Continue reading here.

Triple Duty Sheets

These Triple Duty Sheets are on their second duty. We took an old set of sheets (used as bedding = first duty) and used them as a table cover for our painting projects. We first laid the flat sheet on the table and then used the fitted sheet over top. It fit our table perfectly and stayed in place! I have to admit that the sheet staying in place was the best part! The projects drying in the middle of the table are for a later project so stay tuned. When the kids were done with each paint color, it was easy for me to tell them to wipe off the extra paint right on the table! They loved that part! Clean up was a breeze too. I just wrapped it up like a table cloth and set it aside for the next project. Stay tuned for the project using the Triple Duty Sheets on their third duty. It might take a while, but as soon as those sheets are really full of paint, we have another fun project to show you

T-Shirt Pillow

My son needed a small pillow to take with him to his new daycare. I really didn’t have anything small and I definitely didn’t want to go out and buy a $20 pillow. However, I did have an old t-shirt of my daughter’s and some leftover stuffing. I turned the t-shirt inside out and sewed the arms and bottom. Then I flipped it right side out and stuffed it with stuffing. I carefully sewed the neck area together and now I have the perfect sized pillow for my son’s first day of daycare.