Monster Jam was fun for the whole family

My family and I were lucky enough to experience Monster Jam the other night here in Pittsburgh, PA. It was our first time ever watching the monster trucks. We didn’t know what to expect at all, but once we were in our seats, the first thing I did was not watch the trucks, but my children’s faces. Their eyes were HUGE. Mine were too, though.

Like I said, we didn’t know what to expect, but were very impressed. We personally thought it was slow and there was a lot of downtime but that is when we realized that the trucks needed to rest and cool down. We could tell the trucks were limited with what they could do due to the size of the area but it was still cool to see them fly into the air and up on their back wheels.

I took some time and looked at the people around us to see how they were enjoying themselves. We saw many, many people who looked like they were having the best time of their lives. Mothers, fathers, grandfathers, grandmothers and kids were yelling, screaming, cheering and waving their arms in the air and it increased the energy level of the entire arena.

We had a great time at Monster Jam and we are very happy to have experienced it.

Nuclear Cowboyz is a must see for kids and motocross fans

NUCLEAR COWBOYZ® is the only high octane-fueled freestyle motocross touring production in North America. It tells of the legend of two powerful freestyle motocross tribes whose survival in their futuristic world is told through a compilation of fearless freestyle areal feats, gravity defying stunts and electrifying pyrotechnic and laser displays.

Unfortunately, my son and I were unable to attend due to being ill, but my husband was able to take our two daughters, ages 7 and 5. Right when they got to their seats, I received a text saying that my oldest was already excited and had asked if they were going to get hurt because they were so close.  I received a few pictures from them during the performance with bright smiles on their faces and of amazing stunts.  They said they were amazed by the tricks that they could do on the bikes and loved the pyrotechnic displays. They said the music was a little loud but that was coming from my husband and let’s face it, we’re not getting any younger (sorry dear).

When they arrived back home, I got a play by play re-play of what type of tricks they did on their bikes and how much fun it was to watch them. My oldest said that it was so cool that she even felt the heat from the pyrotechnics. The 5 year old said she enjoyed it as well and having a compliment come from her really means something. I asked my oldest what her favorite part was and she replied, “When they let go of the bikes and then jumped back on them. I actually screamed Mom! It was awesome!”

From a family that doesn’t know a lot about motocross, it was a truly amazing experience that was worth the tickets. Taking the kids to see this unique performance is a must-do. Not only is it entertaining, it also provides enrichment and wonder for the kids. My family recommends taking advantage of attending this show if it comes to a city near you.

Brought to you by US Family Guide. We received complimentary tickets in return for honest feedback about the performance. All opinions are my own and of my family’s and were not influenced in any way.

muffinmeal™ Review and Giveaway***OVER***

muffinmeal™ is fun way to transform your baking! It is a bakeware accessory used to bake cup-like holes into any size muffins or cupcakes. I was given the chance to try out this product and had a great time doing it. I have to admit that it was difficult at first because I just couldn’t decide what to make. The possibilities are endless. The muffinmeal™ site has so many ideas and recipes too. You can check them out here.

The first time I used it, I was baking cupcakes for an anniversary party for my parents.

First, I inserted the bases into the cupcake pan and then inserted the paper cupcake liners that came with the kit.

Next, I filled up the liners with my batter.

I sprayed the outside of the cups with non-stick spray, lined up the straight edges of the base and cup and slid it down to the desired height. Then I twisted the cup to lock it in place. Continue reading…

B.W. Clifford Candy offers great wholesale prices on sugar free candy and gum

B.W. Clifford Candy offers wholesale prices on sugar free candies and sugar free gum. If it’s a sugar free candy or snack, you’ll find it at B.W. Clifford Candy, Inc.  They offer the name brands you are used to like Life Savers, Trident Xtra Care and Eclipse.

Looking for other snack options? Order some Cheez It crackers, beef jerkey or Blue Diamond almonds. Is chocolate your “thing?” Order from B.W. Clifford Candy and you can find M&M, Kit Kat Candy Bars, Hershey Bars, Snickers Bars, 3 Musketeers, Nestle Crunch and Twix. Mmmmmm!

They even offer gluten free items!

B.W. Clifford Candy offers great wholesale sugar free candy pricing for small candy stores, fundraisers for your group or team and even corporate candy events. Their site is easy to navigate so you can find exactly what you are looking for without any hassle.

All of the sugar free candies will ship out from their climate controlled New Jersey warehouse which ensures you get the best candy to satisfy your sugar tooth. B.W. Clifford Candy has been in the candy and distribution business for over 65  years and are dedicated to bringing you great pricing on wholesale candy that you will enjoy.

Sugar free gum is very important in our house when the kids want to chew some gum. I love that B.W. Clifford Candy offers sugar free gum at wholesale prices!

Stock up on all your favorites now!


All opinions of this post are my own and were not influenced.

TouchTile Review- Level 6- Multi-Syllable Words

The TouchTile Reading System is a great system for children who have not been able to learn to read through traditional methods. Some kids need to touch in order to learn. These are kids who learn best by doing. This multi-sensory system teaches them to touch the sounds, blend them together and in the process, understand what they are doing.

My oldest, C, is still working on the last level, level 6- Multi-syllable words. She is doing well with part 1 but we continue to review it and slowly will be touching on part 2. Part 1 words are “do-able” for her but there is a large jump in skill level between part 1 and part 2. Part 2 words are higher elementary words and she is only in 1st grade. We will continue to practice part 1 until she has independently mastered the words.

Her overall reading skills are continuing to progress very well. She is very proud of herself and looks forward to mastering the words so she can move on.

This system is wonderful for my soon to be 7 year old. I can see this being a helpful system for any child who has a Learning difference. If you believe your child may have dyslexia, you can take a Dyslexia Test. Learning Link Technologies offers many programs to help your child succeed!

Brain Training Review- Month #7 and #8

We just finished our 7th and 8th month of the 12 month Brain Training Program. Brain retraining is done through a series of physical exercises that selectively accesses a certain part of the brain by having the eyes look in a specified direction. That direction is directly related to a sensory stimulation point.

“C” still continues to enjoy the program. It is a very intensive program that we complete 4-5 times a week. She does not get bored of the activities at all. These past two month’s activities letter memory, sight word tracking, shapes, copying, memory, sounds, matching and visual closure. The visual closure was my daughter’s favorite because it challenged her to complete the letters and determine what word was written. Continue reading…

Fully Charged with Ringling Bros. was a Fully Charged Night!

Fully ChargedSM is the all-new surge of circus entertainment from Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey! We were entertained the entire opening night. We didn’t tell our kids where we were going and they were excited from the very start. It was easy to pick up our tickets and we were directed right to our seats. The staff at the venue as well as the Ringling Bros. staff were courteous and efficient.

Our seats were spectacular. Even though we weren’t in the middle, we could still see all three rings easily. The performances were amazing, kid and adult friendly and accommodating to the audience. The performers would move around the 3 rings so that the entire audience could see their energizing talents.

We saw breathtaking stunts, dare-devils thrilling us with their tricks, dancing elephants and hopping stallions.  There were acrobats flying, jumping and tumbling throughout the arena floor and air. My kids’ jaws were dropped for practically the entire time. I know my jaw dropped when I saw the Human Fuse fly through the air…on fire!

Even the clowns were a great feature to the entire performance. I thoroughly enjoyed their fun antics and hilarious imitations of the other circus performers.

My kids were so excited to pick out souvenirs too. They still have their stuffed animals with them every minute of the day!

I highly recommend this event to any family looking for a fun, family friendly performance that the entire family will enjoy and remember for ages!

HER GOOD DAYS e-book Review

I’ve been called.

Either a mutual friend told him to call me, or her husband talked to my husband at work. Usually, their connection to me differed. Their reason for calling was always the same, though.

“What did you do?”

It became increasingly more difficult to contain my answer to just one phone call. How have I kept MS from consuming my life and my dreams of becoming a mother? Continue reading…

Gutzy Gear Review and Giveaway: My Kids’ Cool Mom is sending the kids back to school with Gutzy Gear #GettinGutzy *****OVER*****

School starts in a few days and along with the regular excitement of simply going back to school to see friends, to show off some new clothes and to use that cool new backpack, we are adding Gutzy Gear to the new trend.

My Kids’ Cool Mom and a great group of bloggers are offering one lucky winner a starter pack of Gutzy Gear with 2 strap covers and 2 packs of patches (4 patches total). Read through the review and then enter the giveaway below.

The kids opened up the starter kits which included two strap covers and a Gutzy patch. The strap covers are held in place using very strong Velcro. The patches stick to the strap covers using Velcro as well. Once attached, they are very secure yet easy to change.

There is a wide variety of Gutzy patches good for Continue reading…

Brain Training Review- Month #6

We just finished our 6th month of the 12 month Brain Training Program. Brain retraining is done through a series of physical exercises that selectively accesses a certain part of the brain by having the eyes look in a specified direction. That direction is directly related to a sensory stimulation point.

“C” still continues to enjoy the program. It is a very intensive program that we complete 4-5 times a week. She does not get bored of the activities at all. This past month’s activities addressed matching (numbers and letter combinations), auditory discrimination, Continue reading…