Mother’s Day

Your child can create a personalized Mother’s Day card


One of the best things about Mother’s Day is receiving those heart-felt cards and gifts from your child or children. In my house, it’s all about crafts and homemade cards. My children know that when they make cards from scratch, they are expressing their feelings through their creativity. This homemade Mother’s Day card is a great way to allow your child to show their love and their creativity. I think the best gift I can get from my children is their artwork and cards. They even complement each other’s cards. It’s so sweet to see them come together to show their love and support for one another.

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Mother’s Day gift: painted salt dough hand-prints

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Your child can design and paint their own hand-print for a Mother’s Day gift. All you need are some supplies from around your kitchen and house and you are all set. It’s a fun craft that your little one will love because it is all their own design. See the entire slideshow HERE for ingredients and instructions to make this beautiful craft with your child.

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