Beautiful Suncatchers

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This is such an easy and frugal craft to make with your kids. Not only is it easy, fun and cheap, but the result is simply beautiful. I love having the three suncatchers in my window above my kitchen sink. It reflects the light so beautifully.

To see how to create this craft with your kids, see the step by step instructions with pictures in my full article HERE.

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Magnetic Watercolor Bookmarks

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The kids were amazed at how watercolors work. This was a wonderfully fun craft to do with them. These bookmarks not only are personalized, but they are very usable. The magnets keep the bookmark in place in your book too.

Read the entire article with step by step pictures here.

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Encourage your child’s creativity without any preparation


Sometimes it’s very difficult to plan a craft. It takes time to get an idea, gather the materials, prepare the work area, get the kids together, explain what to do, have them make the craft, allow for drying time and complete any other steps you need to take.

You know you want your child to complete a craft. You want your child to be creative. You want your child to feel accomplished. Maybe you just want your child to do something different compared to their usual daily routine…

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Draw your own puzzle

20141007_185425Keep your children entertained with their own artwork by allowing them to draw their own puzzle. This craft is great for any age child and can be enjoyed over and over again. It enhances your child’s creativity while also requiring fine motor skills.

Read the entire article here.


Make a seashell wind-chime with all those seashells from the beach

20140808_204548_resized_1doneDo your kids insist on bringing seashells home from vacation like mine do? I usually end up trying to be sneaky and conveniently “forget” them or throw them away when unpacking. However, this year, my youngest had his heart set on his shells. I just didn’t know what to do when them so I decided to make a wind-chime with them. We have a lot of wind in our area so this craft was purposeful and very useful.

Check out the full article with instructions and step by step photos here.

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Paint the walls!

Do you want to find a way to capture the moment of your children’s youth and creativity? We found a way to do this in one of our extra rooms that we appropriately call the toy room. We decided that the best place would be in their reading corner since it needed some decorations anyway. You don’t need an extra room to do this. You can designate a spot in your child’s bedroom where they can paint their masterpiece.

Continue reading the article here to see how you can successfully do this with your children (including them following the rules you have set to keep any paint disasters from occurring).

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Summer Fun List (Have your kids create a to-do list)

Get your child excited for Summer and ask them to create a summer fun list. It is basically a “to-do” list of things that your child wants to do this year while not in school. A special thank you goes out to my friend’s kids for allowing me to use a picture of them and their fun list.

See what to do with the full instructions here. The article also contains a few alternative ideas and encouraging suggestions for your children.

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