Create a personal crest with your child

It was one of those rainy days where the kids didn’t know what to do. So, we reached into our Summer Activities Box and found the idea to make their own crest. They were extremely excited and couldn’t wait to get started. Truthfully, my oldest was squealing like a little girl because she was so excited to do this. It was highly comical.

It’s a great way to talk to your child about their likes, dislikes and personality. It was a great bonding time between us as well. They were very proud of their crests because it represented them.  You can find the full instructions here.

You can re-pin this here.

Fun Fireworks Craft

The kids had a lot of fun creating these fireworks from paint. We tried out a few techniques and experimented with some other ideas too. To see how to do this with your child, read the full article HERE. Techniques are explained and tips are given. Ideas to use these as decorations are also discussed.