Out of hamburger buns?

I desperately wanted cheeseburgers for dinner tonight but did not have a single hamburger bun in the house. I don’t like using bread because the ketchup seeps through. I did, however, have a TON of hot dog rolls. So, why not change the conventional way of thinking and instead of round cheeseburgers, make them long like hotdogs?

I prepared the burger just as usual and rolled them into hot dog shapes and slapped them on the grill. One thing to note is that you might want to put some aluminum foil on the grill because the shape of the burgers cause it to fall apart easier.

It also seemed that they kids ate more tonight. Usually they have 1/4 to 1/2 of the burger left but tonight, they all finished it off!

They requested these again so I think these cheese-bur-dogs (my husband’s clever name for it) were a hit.