Last day of school for my students!

Today is a day that will always be held near to my heart……THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! Although I am jumping up and down in my seat, I still feel that crushing blow of realization that I will not see these kids again until September. As a cyber teacher who “sees” the same students every day for an entire school year, even when I take a personal day, that lapse makes it seem like I haven’t seen them in ages. Yet, we are confronting WEEKS off of school.

As relieved as I am to have a break, I’m also saddened by the upcoming weeks. I look forward to a summer of fun and rejuvenation both for me and for my students. As a last gesture of the great school year we had, I sent them all the treat pictured below.

I congratulate my students on a great year and great progress and look forward to next school year….after a great Summer vacation of course. *wink wink

Happy Summer Vacation!