“Secret Sprout” – Fun way to get the kids to behave

This was just as much fun to make as it was for the kids to “play along.” The whole idea behind “Secret Sprout” is guide my children to the realization that they can be good all the time and that they don’t always need to get something in return.

Using clipart, word art and my children’s pictures, I created a wrapper and wrapped it around a clean Parmesan cheese container. I secured it with glue and some tape. I then wrote each child’s name on a Popsicle stick.

Here is a picture of what the wrapper looks like in it’s entirety.

We went to the dollar store and purchased a bunch of items that can be used as rewards. We made sure to choose items that came in packs of 3 or more so we weren’t paying a dollar for just one thing. I also purchased a bucket and shovel to go along with the garden theme. I also explained to them what a sprout was and how children are frequently called sprouts. I placed all of the items we purchased into the bucket and kept it on display for them to drool over. (out of their reach of course)

Each morning, I pick one Popsicle stick and place it into the container. Whoever has their name on the stick is the “Secret Sprout.” The best part is that nobody knows who it is, even me. At the end of the day, we reveal who the “Secret Sprout” is and if that child was good, they get to pick a treat out of the bucket.

There were some ground rules to lay out before we began though:

  1. No whining, crying or becoming upset if you are not the Secret Spout.
  2. Sharing of the treat is encouraged but not required.
  3. No touching the Secret Sprout container.
  4. No touching the treat bucket.
  5. Lastly, just a quick reminder that the point is that you CAN be good, even if at the end of the day, you won’t get the treat.

I hope you can use this idea or at least some type of version of it. My kids are slowly learning that they can be good evenĀ  when they aren’t trying to get something in return. Using this system and the kids knowing that there is a 67% chance they will NOT get a treat at the end of the day is a step in the right direction in teaching them how to behave and respect each other.