Marshmallow Valentine Pops

After we made our Hug A Heart Valentine’s Day Cards, we found out Valentine’s cards are not allowed at school, but treats are. So, we decided to make these. The kids were mesmerized at the whole process and all three chipped in. We needed marshmallows, chocolate (I used the chips used for candy-making), popsicle sticks, candy sprinkles, plastic candy bags, parchment paper and ribbon.

We began by sticking the popsicle stick into each marshmallow. In a homemade double boiler (a bottom pot filled with boiling water with another pot that fits perfectly on top filled with the chocolte chips), I slowly melted the chocolate, stirring constantly. While stirring, I explained why I used this double boiler. I began by explaining how if I put the pan with the chocolate directly on the stove, the bottom would burn. By dispersing the heat through the water, it slowly melts the chocolate. Using a basting brush, I brushed the chocolate onto the marshmallow while my oldest child held the popsicle stick. My middle child then sprinkled the candy sprinkles all over the still-wet chocolate and then it was placed on parchment paper to cool. I explained that we needed to add the sprinkles while the chocolate was still warm and wet so the sprinkles stuck. We continued the process until we coated all of the marshmallow pops.

While the chocolate was cooling, I held the ribbon out while I trusted my oldest with scissors. I had her cut the ribbon into 8 inch strips. When the pops were all cooled, we placed them into the plastic bags. My two oldest held the pops up while my youngest handed me the strips of ribbon. I tied a knot in the ribbon to hold each bag shut. Using a pair of scissors, I showed my children how to curl the ribbon by running the edge of the scissors against the ribbon. They loved that. We kept half of the pops for ourselves and put the rest into a bag to send to my child’s school tomorrow for the Valentine’s Day party