TouchTile Review-Level 4-Silent E

The TouchTile Reading System is a great system for children who have not learned to read through traditional methods. Some kids need to touch in order to learn. These are kids who learn best by doing. This multi-sensory system teaches them to touch the sounds, blend them together and in the process, understand what they are doing.

My oldest, C, just finished the 4th level which covered the silent E. Through various words using many combinations of vowels and consonants, C was able to read 4 letter words that were both real words and nonsense words. Her reading skills are progressing at an exceptional rate. She is very proud of herself and looks forward to mastering the real words so she can move onto the nonsense words. Those are like a fun challenge to her that she looks forward to.

My next child, I, continues to work through level 1 where she is learning the sounds of all the letters. She still gets hung up on a few letters but we are still working at it. The good thing about the program is that we just continue to work at I’s pace until she masters the level. We do not move on until there is mastery.

This system is wonderful, mostly for my older child, though it continues to be helpful for my youngest. I can see this being a helpful system for any child who has a Learning difference. If you believe your child may have dyslexia, you can take a Dyslexia Test. Learning Link Technologies offers many programs to help your child succeed!