Spilled Wax?

Does your house get rowdy at times? Are you always warning your kids of the hot wax on the table? Yep, that’s me. Only I was too slow to keep it from completely spilling over. It was on my tablecloth, table runner, carpet and wall. All I had to do was get my paper towels and an iron. I placed the paper towel over the spill and ironed it all up. The wax and oil seeped through onto the paper towel perfectly. It worked for the tablecloth, runner, carpet and even the wall! As you can see, I went through a lot of paper towels but it certainly works. Unfortunately, this brand of wax I used today was a bit more oily than the kind I normally use and there was also a dye used in it.

To remedy the leftover oil stains and dye, I rubbed some Dawn into it and placed it in the washing machine. All clean now!

I don’t wish this mess on anyone but if it happens to you, grab your roll of paper towels and an iron and settle in for a good 20 minutes of ironing.