Make Ahead PB&J

So, I have 3 kids who all like PB&J for their lunches. Every night, I absolutely despise getting everything out, dirtying another knife (I despise doing dishes too), and packing it all up again, only to do it all over again the next night. So I tried something last week and the kiddos did not know the difference. On Sunday night, I got a whole loaf of bread out of my freezer along with my knife, peanut butter and jelly. I laid 15 groups of two pieces of bread on the counter and in a factory-line-style, began to spead peanut butter on all the top slices. I then had to get over my need to put the jelly on the OTHER slice of bread (I always made fun of my husband for not doing it this way), and spread the jelly on top of each peanut-buttered slice of bread. I flipped each over and ended up with 15 pre-made sandwiches. I put them back in the bread bag, tied it up and placed it back into the freezer. Each night, instead of having to make “fresh” sandwiches, I pulled out 3 pre-made sandwiches, placed them in our re-usable sandwich containers and threw them into their lunch-bags. It was such a time saver last week that I will definitely continue to do this each week.