Shopping Bag Duct Tape Tote

We made a tote bag out of duct tape and old shopping bags! You need 1 roll of duct tape, scissors, an iron, parchment paper and 10-20 plastic shopping bags. We decided on the K-Mart bags since that has become our “go-to” store since we moved.

Begin by cutting the bottom seam off of each plastic bag. Also cut off the handles because it will be easier to handle that way. Once the seams and handles are removed, lay them on top of each other in 2 piles, one for each side of the tote.

Place one piece of parchment paper over the top and back of the plastic bag pile and use a warm iron to melt the bags together. I suggest to do this outside because of the fumes. You could also iron near an open window. Be sure not to stray off the parchment paper or you’ll have plastic bag melted to your iron. While ironing, keep the iron moving the entire time. Flip the bags over and iron the other side as well. Do not iron too much or the bags will burn right through and it will be difficult to peel the parchment paper off. Repeat with the second pile of plastic bags.

As I was ironing, I noticed this on the bag. How appropriate. Why, yes I sure am REUSING this bag. Too funny.

Next, peel off both sides of the parchment paper and cut out the sides of your tote. Be sure to cut them to be the same size. Here, I cut one side and then placed it top of the other pile of melted bags to be sure I was cutting them the same size.

Take your duct tape and place strips along the back side of both of the tote sides. You do not have to go all the way to the edge. This will be the inside of your tote. The duct tape will help reinforce the bag.

Next, take some more duct tape and place half of the length on the back side. Flip it over and carefully fold the remaining half over the side and onto the front. Do this to all 4 sides and to both of your tote pieces.

Take another strip of duct tape twice the length you want your handles to be. Fold it in half so the sticky sides stick together. This will be one of your handles. Do the same to another piece and be sure they end up being the same length. Lay the tote sides outside down with the top sides facing each other. Lay the tote handles on the inside of the totes and place another piece of duct tape over them to secure them to the inside of the tote.

Flip the one side on top of the other and begin to secure the bottom and 2 sides of your tote. I used 1 strip of duct tape on each of the sides but 2 pieces of duct tape for the bottom.

Once put together, the inside of your tote will look like this.  Be sure to trim off any extra tape that sticks out on the corners.

And may I present to you one happy 6 year old who was amazed at everything we did to make this.

You can modify this by melting more bags to create the 3rd and 4th side and a bottom to your tote so to it holds more. You will need another roll of duct tape for that. You can even change up the handles. Make them thicker, longer, etc.