Fully Charged with Ringling Bros. was a Fully Charged Night!

Fully ChargedSM is the all-new surge of circus entertainment from Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey! We were entertained the entire opening night. We didn’t tell our kids where we were going and they were excited from the very start. It was easy to pick up our tickets and we were directed right to our seats. The staff at the venue as well as the Ringling Bros. staff were courteous and efficient.

Our seats were spectacular. Even though we weren’t in the middle, we could still see all three rings easily. The performances were amazing, kid and adult friendly and accommodating to the audience. The performers would move around the 3 rings so that the entire audience could see their energizing talents.

We saw breathtaking stunts, dare-devils thrilling us with their tricks, dancing elephants and hopping stallions.  There were acrobats flying, jumping and tumbling throughout the arena floor and air. My kids’ jaws were dropped for practically the entire time. I know my jaw dropped when I saw the Human Fuse fly through the air…on fire!

Even the clowns were a great feature to the entire performance. I thoroughly enjoyed their fun antics and hilarious imitations of the other circus performers.

My kids were so excited to pick out souvenirs too. They still have their stuffed animals with them every minute of the day!

I highly recommend this event to any family looking for a fun, family friendly performance that the entire family will enjoy and remember for ages!