Nuclear Cowboyz is a must see for kids and motocross fans

NUCLEAR COWBOYZ® is the only high octane-fueled freestyle motocross touring production in North America. It tells of the legend of two powerful freestyle motocross tribes whose survival in their futuristic world is told through a compilation of fearless freestyle areal feats, gravity defying stunts and electrifying pyrotechnic and laser displays.

Unfortunately, my son and I were unable to attend due to being ill, but my husband was able to take our two daughters, ages 7 and 5. Right when they got to their seats, I received a text saying that my oldest was already excited and had asked if they were going to get hurt because they were so close.  I received a few pictures from them during the performance with bright smiles on their faces and of amazing stunts.  They said they were amazed by the tricks that they could do on the bikes and loved the pyrotechnic displays. They said the music was a little loud but that was coming from my husband and let’s face it, we’re not getting any younger (sorry dear).

When they arrived back home, I got a play by play re-play of what type of tricks they did on their bikes and how much fun it was to watch them. My oldest said that it was so cool that she even felt the heat from the pyrotechnics. The 5 year old said she enjoyed it as well and having a compliment come from her really means something. I asked my oldest what her favorite part was and she replied, “When they let go of the bikes and then jumped back on them. I actually screamed Mom! It was awesome!”

From a family that doesn’t know a lot about motocross, it was a truly amazing experience that was worth the tickets. Taking the kids to see this unique performance is a must-do. Not only is it entertaining, it also provides enrichment and wonder for the kids. My family recommends taking advantage of attending this show if it comes to a city near you.

Brought to you by US Family Guide. We received complimentary tickets in return for honest feedback about the performance. All opinions are my own and of my family’s and were not influenced in any way.