Bust the tissue monster

Out of necessity, I came up with this idea. My son has been sick for the past two days and one of his ailments is a runny nose. Though prior to this, he seemed to constantly have a runny nose and was able to re-use a tissue until it’s not usable anymore, this runny nose is atrocious. Now, for some reason, he feels like he can only use a tissue one time and then have to reach for another one.

I left the room for 2 minutes and when I returned, he had 6 used tissues. Each were only used for one wipe. That drives me NUTS. Especially since I’m sick too and need tissues but also because I’m on my second to last box.

So this is what I did. I pulled out a roll of very nice toilet paper and broke off each sheet individually. I stress the nice kind because who enjoys wiping their nose with rough toilet paper.  I told him that this is now his own special pile of tissues and that he can use these from now on. He was very pleased and so far, my tissues have been spared.

This is nothing urgent or mind-blowing. I just thought I’d share in case any of you have the same struggles with your children and their excessive use of tissues.