Fun idea to prevent “Are we there yet?”

On a whim, we came up with a silly yet effective way to explain to our children how long it will take to get somewhere. We were about 25 minutes into a 4 1/2 hour car trip and they were already asking how much longer. At the time, they were into their portable DVD players and we had just bought them a collection of Dora shows. Upon their inquisition, I immediately yelled back to them, “8 Dora shows!”  They replied, “Oh, okay” and we didn’t hear from them for another few hours.

Since then it became customary for them to find out how many Dora shows it will take for us to get there. We have even used it for other things like how long until Daddy gets home or how long until dinner? We have even incorporated the time of commercials. Just the other night, I was blow-drying my daughter’s hair and she asked how many Dora shows until it was dry. I told her it would just take one commercial until it was done.

Funny but effective. We will eventually incorporate minutes and hours in when we tell them how many Dora shows in order to get them to understand the concept of time. You can use this idea using your child’s favorite show as well.