Halloween Adventure Tours in South Western PA (with no-scare matinees)

halloweenvladposterA Halloween Tradition in South Western Pennsylvania, since 1993, Castle Blood celebrates its 21st season this October with an all new challenge for you – Our theatrically beautiful game based Halloween Adventure Tour will give you all you want from a haunt, without the graphic violence , chainsaws, or killer clowns.   A thrilling tour through old school styled movie quality sets, you and your group are sent on a quest to find the 3 talismans of the Castle, while our strange assortment of denizens choose whether to help or hinder you.

If you love old monster movies, and classic autumnal hijinx, we are the place for you. Tours are about 25-30 minutes in length.

We even have daytime no scare matinees for the younger kids, who might be too scared for the evening shows.  Because Castle Blood is one of the best looking haunts in the nation, this is a great chance for adults and children alike to see it in full light.  Take the tour, play the Quest for Talisman game and trick or treat with our friendly monsters (treat bags for 12 and under).  The Matinees are just $7.50/pp.  and will be held Sundays Oct 20 and 27 from 2-5pm.  Visit: http://www.castleblood.com/matinee.htm

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Watch a video here.

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