Remember the time…

Time is so precious these days. We are always on the go, on the internet and trying to do our best for our children. Precious moments happen at such unexpected times, but do we remember all of them? Do our children remember all of them, especially when they are young? My answers are “no” and “no.” 

I bought a journal for each of my kids and began writing in it when I found out I was pregnant. I entered now and then at special times and then really began entries when they were born. I included special moments and especially the silly things they do. Random entries are the best to go back and read. This is so much easier than the scrap-booking that I failed at. I have two very nice scrapbooks (finished) for my oldest, another one (finished with less embellishments) for my middle child and then another one for my youngest. His book has paper, stickers and photos shoved in the pages just begging for me to finish. Hey, they are all organized; they just need to be “done.” It’s the thought that counts, right?

I find these journals a great way to show my love to them as well as a great way to make them suffer at attempting to read my handwriting. It’s personal, thoughtful and a true treasure to give to them when they are adults.