Elf on the Shelf: Our Ziggy in 2013

Ziggy is our Elf on the Shelf. Our kids definitely now understand his purpose.  They know he reports back to Santa every night and returns in a different place each morning. They know that sometimes he can cause trouble. Most of all, they know that he is always watching and it is a constant reminder to have them think about the choices they make and the things they say. I don’t think they will ever forget the night two years ago when he painted all of their noses red! Ha ha!

They even know that sometimes Ziggy has some “favorite places” he likes to hide. (The result of Mommy and Daddy forgetting to move him) Yes….it happens more than I’d like to admit.

Like last year, I am going to chronicle the places we find Ziggy this year.

Our Ziggy returned today hiding in our gumball machine. The look on my kids’ faces when they were trying to tell me that he was INSIDE the machine was priceless. My oldest was literally jumping up and down while telling me (she was clearing a good foot off the ground…lol). He came with a note for them all explaining why he came back and to encourage and remind them that they are wonderful children.



Check back each day to see what Ziggy will get himself into. Most of all, I hope you enjoy the pictures. Please feel free to comment if you have any other ideas for our elf or to tell me what trouble your elf has gotten into.


Snowball fight!


Daddy’s little helper.




Underwear thief! Almost got away!


Caught in the act!

1014219_10201166036381418_308756203_n“Santa, you can put all the toys right here.” “At least you know that I’ve been good.”  Ziggy drew portraits of the kids (Slimey, Poopy and Stinky)


Dance party.1520698_10201200392000287_1900839462_n

Watching Rudolph.1505358_10201206684637599_1954855476_n1491727_10201212252856801_331275991_n



Underwear zip line……with friends.