Disney on Ice Celebrates 100 Years of Magic was Spectacular for kids and adults.

Disney on Ice Celebrates 100 Years of Magic was an amazing show to watch as a kid or even an adult. We were lucky enough to go to Friday night’s showing and our entire family had a wonderful time.

photo 1

We sang along to 24 of our favorite Disney songs. I especially enjoyed Genie.

photo 2And my son danced in the aisles.

photo 2 (2)

My daughter was in a trance the entire time!

photo 3The look on all of their faces was just priceless. It is something that I will always remember. I absolutely love seeing how much fun they are having. They all looked at me in disappointment when it was time for intermission. I had to explain to each of them that this was like halftime in a football game.

I was extremely pleased at the various characters that made an appearance, including Pinocchio since it was a movie made so much longer ago than the ones my kids are used to.

photo 3 (2)Mickey was my son’s favorite:

photo 1 (2)

The princesses were my youngest daughter’s favorite:

photo 5 (2)

My oldest daughter really enjoyed the performance by The Incredibles:


We also enjoyed the appearances of  Stitch, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Mulan and the beautiful skating in The Lion King.

photo 5

I would definitely recommend seeing this spectacular show. It was such an amazingly wonderful experience that I am so grateful that my kids had the chance to experience. Disney on Ice surely created the magic that is found in my little one’s hearts.


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