Jump Start Sports gave my kids a week to remember!


My kids who are 8, 6 and 4 were able to attend one of Jump Start Sports Summer Camps the other week. They absolutely loved it!

Here are some of the things they said throughout the week:

“I don’t want to go home!”

“Wow! It wasn’t boring at all!” (That was at the close of the first day)

“Do we have to leave now?”

“Can we go back next week?”

“Can we pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease come back next year?”

“I loved learning all the different sports!”

“I made a new friend today, Mom!”

“We did SO much fun stuff today!”

They offered unique sports camps for children ages 4 – 12. They were fun-oriented and highly instructional for the novice while more advanced players learned more advanced concepts and were coached at their ability and level of understanding. The relaxed and nurturing atmosphere enabled the children to learn, grow, make friends, and have a meaningful summer experience.

My kids attended the Olympics and Junior Olympics Sports Camps. Children ages 4-12 have a blast learning about and playing a wide variety of sports in a nurturing environment.


The Olympic theme is presented throughout, with campers selecting a country, creating a flag for their country, and competing in events and games.

The week ended with a “Closing Ceremony” and “Presentation of Medals.”


Take a look at some more fun:

Other programs that were available included:

Children ages 4 – 12 “enroll” in the college of their choice and have a blast learning about and playing a wide variety of college sports. Campers make a team t-shirt to show their school pride, and have a blast earning points for their “alma mater”.

Summer Flag Football Programs and Camps

T-Ball Programs

Soccer Programs

Lacrosse Programs and Camps

Deck Hockey Programs

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