Fun at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh


Looking for a fun day out with the kids? The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh is a great place to go for all ages (including adults). We recently had the opportunity to go for the very first time with some friends of ours. We spent hours there and enjoyed every minute of it!

We began in the water room where they played with buckets, rain, painted with water and even played with snow!


Next,they dried off and changed, yes, we definitely recommend taking bathing suits so that your child’s clothing doesn’t stay wet the rest of the day. Even though they have smocks and dryers, you never know how much water your child will get into while they are having fun.

They headed straight to the ant hill and climbed and climbed and climbed for at least 20 minutes. Up and down, down and up. They loved it!


Then we visited the tiled room! WOW! That’s all I can say. It was so much fun, even for me. You literally have to tilt yourself 20 degrees in order to walk straight and not fall into the black wall. We kept going back to try out our tilted walking talents.


In the bounce room they designed their own bouncy balls!


They even took a break and listened to a story or two.

20141226_141537 (1024x576)

This made my day. I found the puppet of urSol the Enchanter from the movie, “The Dark Crystal.” I LOVED that movie as a kid!


Check out this short 11 second video of the virtual puppets we played with. It sensed our movement and we viewed our movements on the screen through puppets.

Even though we were leaving, the kids still posed for a final picture outside after their wonderful day of fun.