Code Breakers is a perfect escape room experience for kids!

Code Breakers provides a puzzle-solving experience called “Return to Planet Earth” for kids ages 7-12. The children spend an hour in their spaceship-themed room, working together to solve puzzles to get the spaceship up and running before their 60 minutes expires. It is a fun yet educational activity that the kids are sure to be talking about for days! For more information or to book your escape room challenge visit us at

I was extremely excited to take my kids here! When I told my 11 year old, she practically squealed with excitement. I’ve always wanted to try one myself, but this time, my kids get to try it and test their code breaking ability.

We had the amazing opportunity to go there last week. My daughter took a few of her friends and they were SUCCESSFUL! It got a little scary at the end because the clock was ticking down and they had 2 more puzzles to solve, but they were able to break the code with 6 minutes left!

When they entered the room, most of them were unsure of what they were getting into but when the clock started, they went right to work. It was so much fun just watching them figure it out for themselves. When they got stuck, one of the employees gave them an extra hint to get them going again. Each of the girls gave it their all and through perseverance and teamwork, they did it!

If you take your child, my only suggestion is that if they are younger, be prepared to help them out. It’s definitely doable for younger crowds but when I went with 11 and 12 year olds, my goal was to not help them so it took them a bit more to figure it out.  I would definitely go back and even take my 7 and 9 year old.

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