Ozeri Touch II 18 lbs. Digital Kitchen Scale, with Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection

Have you ever had a recipe that calls for the ingredients to be weighed and then looked around your kitchen, shook your head, and deleted the recipe because you didn’t have a scale? It’s time to get a scale and I have a perfect one for you, the Ozeri Touch II 18 lbs. Digital Kitchen Scale.

Industry exclusive scale features Microban antimicrobial product protection that helps prevent the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria. That’s so important when trying to prevent cross-contamination.

The Ozeri Touch II scale has 2 touch sensitive buttons, 4 high precision GFX sensors, a large Blue LCD screen, and a capacity range of 0.05 oz to 18 lbs or 1 g to 8000 g.  The award-winning thin design is infused with Microban antimicrobial technology to provide an added level of protection that won’t ever wear away. That’s great for high-usage!

It’s available in red, white or light blue!

Precision Tare button subtracts the container weight for the net ingredient weight; easy Unit button instantly converts between lb/oz, g, fl.oz., ml.  Includes 2 Lithium batteries and an easy-access battery compartment (no screwdriver needed). NOTE: remove the battery insulating strip be fore attempting to use the device.

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