Kid challenge for Mom’s peace and quiet

It’s summer vacation and kids and teachers are off for the summer. Now, I still teach English to children in China in the early morning until 10:00 am, so when I’m done, I want my “me time.” I want time to enjoy the summer off, away from the vigorous hustle of teaching special education. “Me time” is close to impossible, so I’ll just settle for time to read, while knowing the kids are happy, busy, and safe.

With all four kids and a neighbor friend in desperate need of something to do, I challenged them all. They always like challenges. I challenged them to create a mural on the entire driveway. When I said, “entire driveway,” I meant the ENTIRE driveway. *Insert diabolical laugh*

They willingly accepted. With my homemade lemonade next to be me on top of a bucket of softballs (because that’s what’s in every corner of our garage), the box fan to my far left set to #3, and me on my lounge chair, they began.

And I enjoyed my book and lemonade….

I told them I still saw too much black so…

Here’s the final result.

I think they did a good job. I got a few chapters read and they had fun.

So, when you’re looking for some down time, just say the word “challenge” and grab anything in sight. I’ve even used challenges to get parts of my house clean and bags of donations gathered. Have fun!

*Disclaimer: Helmet for the toddler is not necessary but important for full cooperation.