TouchTile Reading System

If your child struggles to read and needs to improve reading skills then this reading system may be perfect for your child.

The TouchTile™ Reading System uses a touch and slide method to teach students to read. The system is available in a downloadable workbook and is rich in phoenemic awareness. The system consists of 6 levels and in just 15 minutes a day, your child could jump 1 to 2 grade levels within three months.

The system breaks the skill of reading down into manageable components. Mastery of these individual components are then put together which allows the child to not have to work so hard to read. When the child isn’t working so hard to decode, fluency and comprehension are increased.

Continue to check back to learn about how my experience with the program plays out while I use it with my 6 year old Kindergartener (who is also using the Brain Training system). I also plan on using it with my 4 year old whose letter/sound identification skills are only emerging, just to see if it would benefit her too.

At the end of this review, Learning Link Technologies and I will be offering a giveaway for this exact reading system (valued at $197).