TouchTile Review-Getting Started

I began the TouchTile System tonight with both my 6 and 4 year old. Both were very excited to start this. My 6 year old, C, was able to get through the 1st of 2 sections in Level 1 which included identifying letter sounds both with and without pictures while also using her hands (opposite hand was to point to the opposite side of the page). I have to admit, when we got to the letters without pictures, I think she pointed to and made the sounds of the letters faster then I could comprehend and “check” her answers. I was quite impressed and she was very excited that tomorrow she can start the 2nd section of Level 1. As I was paging through the rest of the levels, I am excited to have her work through all of them. They are exciting and colorful activites that are really geared towards engaging the child in learning to read.

When C was done, my 4 year old, I, ran up asking if it was her turn. So cute. Since she does not go to a daycare or preschool, I knew she has not received any additional instruction outside of what my husband or I do with her. We began by only doing the first 2 letters repeatedly. We reviewed the name of the letters, their sounds and the pictures that go with it. We reviewed and reviewed and reviewed until she mastered them both. Tomorrow, I plan on reviewing the letters we did tonight but then only adding one new one to the mix. The following night I may not even add any additional letters depending on her retention of what she just learned. She may be too young right now but with her recent interest in schooling, I think this system will help form a plan for her to learn her letters and sounds.