TouchTile Review-Three Letter Blends

We are continuing to use the TouchTile Reading System to help improve reading skills.  We recently moved on to Level 2 with C. I wanted to make sure she knew each sound blend from Level 1 perfectly before I moved on. So far, this level seems to be easy for her to complete. It is aimed at blending 3 letters. The first part is made of regular three-letter words. Once she has demonstrated repeated proficiency, I will move her on to the second part which is three-letter nonsense words. C is still excited every time I get out her pink binder.

I is still working on the names and sounds of the letters in Level 1. One barrier I have found is that she is concentrating on the picture. This is helpful but some of the pictures are not what she would initially imagine if I told her a word. For example, if I said dog, she would picture our dog, the neighbor’s dog, her grandparent’s dog, etc. She would not picture the dog that is used in this system because it is a dog she is not familiar with. Actually, I wasn’t even sure what it was. I think it was a pekingese or a pomeranian.  However, I am reviewing constantly with her and only adding 1 or 2 new letters only when she has shown mastery of the ones we have already covered. Some days, she gets them all and I can add another letter, but on some days she forgets 1 or 2.  I find that even the structure of us working on her letters and her taking turns with her sister has helped her learn. The simple act of sitting down to review and learn the letters has helped her increase her concentration and attention. She is still very excited each time she sees that pink binder too.