TouchTile Review-Success for C and I

So far, this program is really helping my children to improve reading skills. C flew through the 2nd level. I was hesitant at first but once she got through the 2nd part of the 2nd level which is three letter nonsense words, I could tell she really has improved. I has even improved with her letter identification. It feels like overnight, she all of a sudden knew her letters. She is still having some trouble identifying their sounds. I still think it is because of the pictures. This program is supposed to help her through using the pictures but I truly feel that it is not the best way for her. I’m not sure about what I should do next. Continue and really try to teach her the way it is being taught or just move on to the letters without pictures and help her with rote memorization.

As for C, we will be moving on to Level 3 which will teach her how to blend 4 sounds together with an emphasis on blends and digraphs.  The system is designed so that she will naturally learn phonemic patterns that are essential to reading success.