TouchTile Review-4 Letter Blends and Digraphs

My girls are loving the TouchTile Reading system. C, the older one, continues to work through level 3 where she is blending 4 sounds together. She is currently working on nonsense words and we expect to be through all of them by the end of the week. She is very proud of herself and giggles at some of the nonsense words. She continues to enjoy working with the system, enhancing her reading skills. She even grabbed a book off the library shelf the other week and began reading it. She looked up at me and said, “Mom! I can read this!” Her reading skills are progressing at such an accelerated rate, I am so proud of her.

I, the younger of my girls, is still working on letter recognition in the 1st level. She is having a little trouble because some of the letters do not look like what she is used to seeing. For example, she has trouble with the letters j and q because the hooks on them are not very pronounced.

This system is wonderful, mostly for my older child, though it continues to be helpful for my youngest. I can see this being a helpful system for any child who has a Learning difference. If you believe your child may have dyslexia, you can take a Dyslexia Test. Learning Link Technologies offers many programs to help your child succeed!