Brain Training Program Review

I am honored to be reviewing a product from Learning Link Technologies. It is a brain retraining program that is geared toward enhancing the building blocks of learning for children 3 and up.

Although the program was designed to help children with learning problems, it is actually recommended for all kids. Scientists have found that many learning problems that show up later on, were actually caused early on. By completing the program using a specific approach, even a child who is multiple grade levels behind can end up excelling in school. Even a student who does not exhibit learning problems will have any weak spots filled in as they show up.

This program is split into 12 sections and will take 12-18 months to complete. At the end of this review, Learning Link Technologies and I will be offering a free membership to the same online course I am reviewing (valued at $600).


Now for my first comment:

I just finished printing out and looking over the directions and activities I will begin using tomorrow. I have decided to keep it all in a large binder and place my paper in plastic sleeves so they can be used over again. I have chosen to do this with my Kindergartener who just turned 6 in December. I sat “C” down tonight and explained the amount of time each week we will be setting aside to do this program (about 3 hours). I showed her some activities and her eyes lit up in amazement. She seems very excited to begin this tomorrow. As a Kindergartener, I have yet to tell if she is behind in her learning, especially since she just switched schools due to our move. However, I have noticed some things she needs coaching on, but brush it off to her just beginning school. As a teacher, it is still hard to determine where the difficulties lie because I am her mother first, teacher second.

It did surprise me how much paper I used to print out the activities, but not all of them are required; I’m just very thorough. It did require me to use my color ink cartridges because of the type of activities in the lesson.

Fortunately, I also bought my yearly calendar (yes it is a few weeks late but I finally got around to it) and included in it, was a weekly dry erase calendar that I wrote down the days we will be working on this program so she knows ahead of time, if we will be brain training that day.

The directions also gave me a list of materials I need from around the house to complete this month’s training. Most things I had, but there were a few things that I was able to substitute for (instead of an eye patch, I used a hankerchief).

I will be updating my review at least monthy. I will report back more often if something comes up I feel you should know about.

I hope you all enjoy the comments I will be making about this because I am extremely excited to use this program and see how and how well it works.