Brain Training Review-Month #1

We just finished our first month of the brain retraining program by Learning Link Technologies. Initially, it was difficult finding time to follow the program. The Brain Retraining exercises were to be performed each of the 4 weeks one time per week. Then there were other exercises that were to be performed with the Brain Retraining once a week for four weeks. These were broken up into sessions throughout the week.

My daughter’s opinion of this? She loves it. Every day she would ask if it was time to do the green binder (we put it all into a 2″ binder). On some nights, the time would even fly by. The first time she did the exercises she became upset because she could not grasp the concept as fast as she wanted. Truthfully, she was crying because she was so upset. I was very hesitant at that point about this program but then I thought about her personality. She pushes herself and wants to show everyone her best. I talked to her about how I did not expect her to know how to do it all perfectly the first time. I challenged her to wait and see how fast she improves.  By the second time, she was doing them so much better that I was able to add the suggested modifications.  Although there is an obvious learning curve, the modifications made it harder for her each week. While she was performing some of the activities, I could see how they related to mixed Dominance.

The additional activities are done in such a way, the child does not even comprehend how it is helping them because they are having fun. However, the Brain Retraining exercises include affirmations that help the student’s confidence and make that connection from what they are doing to what they are thinking.

This program already seems to cover a lot. It even provides bonus activities each month. For month #1, it included dyscalculia activities, dysgraphia activities, dyslexia activites and a reading bonus.

I’m excited to see the exercises for month #2. Check back in a month for my review. Remember, at the end of this review, Learning Link Technologies and I will be giving away a free membership to this exact course (a $600 value).