Brain Training Review-Month #2

My 6 year old, C, just finished the 2nd month of the Brain Training program from Learning Link Technologies. We continued to do the retraining exercises once a week and then the Month 2 Activities 4-5 times a week for about 20 minutes. Now that we are into the second month, I have to admit that it takes a lot of commitment. You need to create a schedule and stick to it for this to be an effective program for brain retraining.

The activities this month were both advanced/modified from last month as well as new. C loved how well she did the first time through the activities. She noted that some were “Kinda the same as last month but harder…I like harder.” I’m glad to see that she felt challenged but at the same time, did well. Again there was a learning curve so by the end of the month, it became a bit tedious for her. The activities this month were obviously beginning to work on Dysgraphia Treatment. Kids who have dysgraphia usually have sequencing and perceptual problems as well as poor fine motor skills and poor eye/hand coordination. These activites begin helping the student work towards increasing his/her fine motor skills and sequencing.

Looking ahead into Month 3, I am seeing some new activites coupled with advanced/modified “old” activities. I am predicting it will take her until the end of week 2 to feel comfortable with the activities in comparison to the usual 1 week of feeling comfortable. Again, I am excited to start these new activities with her and she is just as excited to get that pink binder out at night.