Summer Activities Box (200+ ideas for Summer)

Worried about what you are going to do with the kids this summer?

Here is a giant list of over 200 ideas! It includes activities for rainy days as well as hot, sunny days. Discover senses and sensory play with some of these activities too.

You can make this Summer Activities Box (instructions) and your child can choose from one of the categories: Outside Play, Inside Play, Food or Places To Go.

Here are the lists with over 200 ideas and room to add your own. Links to instructions for some of them are included in the documents.

Outside Play

Inside Play


Places To Go

I will be adding more ideas over the summer as I come up with them. I will also be adding instructions for some of the activities already on the list. If there is a particular activity you would like to see instructions for, please comment below and I will add it to the top of my to-do list.

Have fun and don’t forget to pin this!