Brain Training Review-Month #3

We recently finished our 3rd month in the Brain Training Program. Brain retraining is done through a series of physical exercises that selectively access a certain part of the brain by having the eyes look in a specified direction. The direction is related to a sensory stimulation point.

C continues to enjoy getting our pink binder out with all of her dry erase markers and bingo markers. We ran into some problems not getting all the lessons in for a week or two because of traveling and my own work related responsibilities but we were able to ensure that C did not lose any skills before we finished the 3rd month. C completed the brain retraining activities once per week and this month was able to work on the activities an average of 4 times per week. Like I said, for 2 of those weeks, she was only able to work on the activities 3 times.

This month’s activities were more advanced than month 2 and it did take C a week to get used to the new skills.

This program is great for students with mixed Dominance, Dysgraphia and many other needs our kids face today. I enjoy working through this program with my child to see how it can help other students, especially those that I work with in school. Like I mentioned in previous posts, it is definitely a program that requires commitment. It should not be difficult though, if you are committed to your child and their needs. We will be beginning Month 4 this weekend and should be finished with the entire program in January/February 2013.

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