About My Kids’ Cool Mom

Welcome to My Kids’ Cool Mom! This website is not all about me. It’s about my first daughter who is my mini-me and loves to learn, explore and create, my second daughter who is the silly comedian and knows it, my oldest son who repeats everything he sees and hears, my youngest son who recently blessed us in this world, and my husband who is the other part of the glue to this family.  As for me, well, I’m Kim and just a wife, mother, special education teacher, online ESL teacher to amazing Chinese students in China, living in Western Pennsylvania.

Making crafts with the children is an integral part of our lifestyle to enhance trust, creativity, learning and accomplishment.   We make things that stimulate the senses as well as their executive functioning skills such as attention, memory, motor skills and problem solving skills. It becomes a special bonding time between all of us and the kids are always amazed at the final product.

We are always in the kitchen trying to think up some new recipes and new ways to present the regular old drab food.  This time is always full of teachable moments because it is never too young to show them how to do activities of daily living.

I am always looking for a bargain and carry my coupon binder with me faithfully. I like to share my frugal tips with as many people as I can as well as show them ways to easily make extra money on the side.

I hope you enjoy browsing around and I invite you to contact me with any questions or even some ideas. I would absolutely love to share your crafts, tips or recipes as guest posts. You can contact me through the contact page here.