HER GOOD DAYS e-book Review

I’ve been called.

Either a mutual friend told him to call me, or her husband talked to my husband at work. Usually, their connection to me differed. Their reason for calling was always the same, though.

“What did you do?”

It became increasingly more difficult to contain my answer to just one phone call. How have I kept MS from consuming my life and my dreams of becoming a mother? Continue reading…

DIY Lego Costume

This was such a hit last year that my daughter wants to be a Lego again this year. To make this yourself, you will need:

  • 1 large box (we used a diaper box)
  • 6 plastic cups
  • white paint (primer works even better)
  • red paint (or whatever color your child wants to be)
  • scissors/knife
  • tape
  • glue

We began by cutting out an entire side of the box. This will be the bottom of the Lego. Then we cut out a large hole in the other side of the box for her head. On the opposite sides, we cut out holes for her arms. Then traced the large ends of the cups on the front of the box once we spaced them out evenly. We cut those holes slightly smaller than the line we traced.

Next we inserted the cups through the holes from the inside of the box and secured them with tape on the inside. Once they were secure, we painted the box. I suggest using primer first in order to cover up any print on the box. We found the Lego logo on the internet and printed it out. Once the paint was dry, we glued the logo to the front of the Lego.

If it is usually cold during Halloween, you can easily cut the arm holes bigger so your child can wear a coat underneath. One negative aspect of the costume is that your child won’t be able to easily navigate steps so be sure to prepare them for that and suggest that a sibling, friend or parent get the candy for them at those houses.